APEX Media Extension - User Manual

Last update: November 2021

About AME

APEX Media Extension (AME) makes it easy to process or convert media before or after it is stored in the Oracle Database. Using our Oracle Application Express (APEX) plug-in, PL/SQL API, and REST API you can:

  • resize images
  • crop images
  • add one or more watermarks or overlays to images
  • compress images
  • resize images
  • change image formats (jpg, png, ...)
  • read media metadata: support for JPEG, TIFF, and HEIC files with tags encoded using Exif, IPTC, and XMP (the latter two only for JPEG).

In a future version of AME, video and audio will be added to the feature list.

Note: Feature for processing HEIC/HEIF images is added from version 21.1, but currently output type HEIC is not supported, so please use other formats as output for HEIC/HEIF Images.

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