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Release History

  • Team AME 06-MAR-2020

    We did a small update to fix a bug in the install.sql file and Oracle APEX Plug-in.

  • Team AME 28-FEB-2020

    APEX Media Extension (AME) makes it easy to process or convert media before or after it is stored in the Oracle Database. Using our Oracle Application Express (APEX) plug-in, PL/SQL API, and REST API you can:

    • resize images
    • crop images
    • add watermarks or overlays to images
    • compress images
    • resize images
    • change image formats (jpg, png, ...)
    • read media metadata
  • Team AME 30-DEC-2019

    We just send a first beta release to people registered on our website.

  • Team AME 11-DEC-2019

    Public announcement of opening up a beta release.